Wagner PowerPainter Wide Shot Home

  • 2 Spray Tips
  • 2-Speed Control
  • Soft Grip Handle

Wagner PowerPainter Wide Shot Home – Product DescriptionWagner PowerPainter Wide Shot Home. 2200 PSI. 2 Speed. Ceramic round spray pattern tip is ideal for smaller projects. Oil lubricant and cleaning brush speed up cleaning and protect your sprayer for future use. Extra atomizer valve for latex or oil-based materials. Tungsten carbide pump assembly provides peak performance with a variety of sprayed materiels. Wide Shot fan pattern tips covers large areas fast. Soft grip handle improves control and combined with interna. . . More >>

Wagner PowerPainter Wide Shot Home

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2 Responses to “Wagner PowerPainter Wide Shot Home”

  • We bought this sprayer to paint two garage doors as well as for any “big” future projects. We recently employed this item in painting two standard garage doors as well as one door to our house and 18 window shutters. The quart jar setup worked fairly well. The suction extension setup seemed to not work too well (not enough suction?). I do not believe the material we were using (water-based latex paint and primer) are thicker than the average paint/primer though we ran into SEVERE clogging/jamming issues with both setups. In order to get this painter to work we had to add a thinning agent / conditioner (Wagner’s “Paint Easy”) in order for both materials to flow and NOT clog/jam the painter. We tried two different primers and ran three types of paint through this painter. If we went light on the ‘Paint Easy’ it was immediately clear–the painter would sputter globs of paint and then would quickly jam/clog. To be fair, if the material is thin (or manually thinned) enough, this item works very well; otherwise, it appears to be useless. Perhaps we got a lemon (anyone else experience this? Wagner-any input?). This painter is rated at 2200 PSI and appears fairly powerful–I am curious if Wagner’s more powerful painters experience similar issues with “thick” latex materials.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • I bought this at Home Depot, on sale. I have had experience in spraying paint indoors. I laid down tarps over my furniture, and on the hardwood floors. Once everything was covered I asembled it, and went into my basement to test it our. I was loaded with ceiling white, a very thick latex paint. I turned it on, and it immeadiatley started to spray, I changed the speeds and got a nice stream going, with not too much overspray. I found that by staying about 10 inches to the work, and use it just below max setting, I could keep the spray down to a minimum. Wagner recommends that you do not tip this beyong 45 degrees. Also, when you assemble it, you can align the pickup to the rear of the paint cup. I carried it upstairs, plugged it in and climbed the ladder. I began to spray, and after about 10 minutes, the paint cup was empty well about a half inch was left. I then used the pick up tubes to a 2 gallon can. I got the other half of the ceiling done in about 30 minutes! Working off a ladder. This is a 12′ high popcorn celing. The area I did was about 20×12′ When I was done, I began clean up. It took me about 25 minutes to apint the ceiling. I had soaked the quart cup in soapy water, so that was done. I grabbed the directions, and was lucky enough to have the tool to attach the hose to the faucet. It took me about 40 minutes to clean the unit. The hose would be tough to clean without being able to hook it directly to a faucet. Then I let it dry. and reassembled it and packed it away. It makes some noise, not deafening, not as loud as a circular saw, and not as loud as an air compressor. I plan on using this to paint my wrought iron railings along my porch and stain my fence as well. PLEASE practice witht his until you are familiar with it’s use! EXPECT overspray, and take the precautions to prevent it BEFORE you spray. It did save me a lot of time, and paint. Clean it immeadiatley after you are done. And you should be able to cut your time in half, even with all the prep time
    Rating: 4 / 5

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